Birthday Parties

Always a fun way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday is playing a game.

Indoor Escape Rooms

Keep the kids excited and engaged, playing one of our most popular escape rooms, Wizards & Dragons. The game will give them all the Harry Potter feels exploring the magic of crystals, potions and spells. We also have The Mitten Scandal of Butternut, another family friendly escape room.

Outdoor Adventure Games

Sometimes kids just want to play outdoors. We have several trails where your team will have a map and must look for specific stations. Each station has a challenge to solve. Once you solve the challenges on the trail, your crew will rush back to lock in their time.

Gathering Spot

Looking for a place to have your own cake and relax after playing your escape game? Choose one of our party rooms or book a campfire for 1 hour which includes tables and benches.