Consulting and Sales

Escape Maze has developed over 100 games since 2014. We have designed escape rooms in our facility, several pop-up games at other locations, our Outdoor Adventure Games on our farm, several haunts and haunt adventure mazes, as well as team-building games for large groups.

We can help you begin a new business or add to an existing business. It’s your choice as to our level of involvement. We can do everything from design and build your game to supplying you with a manual and let you build yourself.
We specialize in low or no-tech designs with little resets.

Escape Rooms
We have a catalog of successful escape room designs. We designed and ran these games in our facility which means they are proven. Manual includes everything you need to know to run the game.

Pop Up Games
These games will come with PDFs of all the material to create or print the game. You also receive the manual on how to run the game. Perfect for fundraisers, craft brewers, winery promotions, grand opening events, community events, a Jack & Jill, family reunions, and parties

Outdoor Adventure Games
The Outdoor Adventure Game is a game that plays well with large groups in an outdoor setting. If you have space to make a trail with several stops or stations, then this is a great business to add on or a fun business on its own.

5-10-15-20-30 Minute Games
Game designs that fit a shorter time period. Perfect for those adding an escape type game to their existing business. This game does not require pre-booking. The game comes with all game materials and manual on how to run the game.

Custom Designs
This is where Escape Maze can really shine for your business. We can create a game that incorporates the history of the area, the unique features of your location, and any information you want players to learn about your business.

Haunts & Haunt Games
Whether you just want to scare your customers or rather have a combination of scare & gameplay we have the experience of creating spooky good times. It’s a whole new type of challenge to be solving puzzles when ghosts are distracting you inside the walls.

Contact us when you want to discuss any of the above adventures.