Indoor Escape Rooms

Escape Maze is an entertainment facility with fun activities for friends, family, team mates, co-workers and students. Choose from indoor escape rooms, outdoor adventure trails, tactical laser tag, camping, murder mysteries, event weekends and campfires. Great for birthdays, family outings, girl’s night out, team building, Jack & Jill parties, friend gathering, family reunions, corporate events and date nights.

We currently have five different escape rooms to choose from:

The King and His Fool

Prepare to embark on a quest to free King Leo’s soul from the clutches of an evil sorcerer who seeks to control both the king and the kingdom. As you navigate through the room, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges inspired by the king’s life and the sorcerer’s twisted schemes. Prepare to be transported to a world of magic and adventure, where the fate of a kingdom rests in your hands. Can you outsmart the sorcerer and free King Leo’s soul before it’s too late?

Difficulty level 3/5

4 – 6 players recommended

Minimum 2 players – Maximum 8 players

Wizards & Dragons

All seems perfect at the Butternut Wizard Academy learning about spells, potions and all that it takes to become a true wizard. Out of nowhere a dragon appears and what’s worse is that he possesses the power of the dark arts. The professors are trying to hold him back, but what they really need is the dragon wand to be released. Hidden in the school, the dragon wand has had no purpose for hundreds of years but today it’s needed. Its up to you to find where it is and release it from it’s box so that the professors have a chance against this dragon. 

Difficulty level 4/5

4 – 8 players recommended

Minimum 2 players – Maximum 10 players

Trouble’s A Brewin’

You just heard that good-for-nothing lazy bum, inherited his grandpappy’s brewery but because he doesn’t know how to brew beer he decided to steal the recipes from The Publican House. We can’t let that no-good scoundrel steal their recipes. We need to sneak in tonight and steal them right back before he starts using them. We just need to get the safe open, get them recipes back and he will be back to his lazy ways.

Difficulty level 3/5

4 – 6 players recommended

Minimum 2 players – Maximum 8 players

Apothecary Crisis

Apothecary shoppe owner, A. McPhail and Sandford Fleming had to go to Hamilton to take care of Dr. John Hutchison. The doctor had one of his attacks and they need to get him safely back home.  Once they got there they sent a telegram to you to get into McPhail’s Apothecary Shoppe and find some special ingredients he’s made to help the doctor with his regular attacks. Once you figure out the right ingredients to send, you need to figure out what the quickest way is to ship it to him.  We need to get his medication to him fast because Dr. Hutchison is the only doctor in town.  

Difficulty level 3/5

2 – 4 players recommended

Minimum 2 players – Maximum 4 players

Mitten Scandal of Butternut

The town of Butternut has been losing their mittens! Everyone blames grumpy Jack. Frosty old Jack always complains about everyone else dressed so warmly while he walks around without mittens. He spends a lot of time in his workshop. We need to get into Jack’s workshop and look for where he stashed the town’s mittens.

This is a great room for beginners and families with children to play.

Difficulty level 2/5

4 – 6 players recommended

Minimum 2 players – Maximum 8 players

If you have a group of more than ten, please call us at 705-740-3657 to book or fill out a request form here.

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