Outdoor Adventure Trails

The Outdoor Adventure Trails are a lot of fun as we give you an old-timey map and you must find different stations along the route. At each stop, there is a challenge to complete. The average amount of time to play any of these games is around 90 minutes but the fastest times are just under an hour and the longest times are over 3 1/2 hours.

You will be playing the game outside. Please dress for the weather.

We suggest closed toe footwear , UV protection , hat and most important BUG REPELLANT.

Children are not allowed to play the game without an adult on their team.

Dogs are allowed on the trails. They MUST be leashed the entire time. Also, you must stoop and scoop.

Out on the Trail

If you have a group of more than ten, please call us at 705-740-3657 to book or fill out a request form here.

The trails are open. There are mosquitoes and other insects.

We recommend closed toe footwear , UV protection , hat and most important BUG REPELLANT.

We currently have four different trails to choose from:

The Gold Rush Trail

On the Gold Rush Trail, you will be following in the footsteps of Joseph O’Malley who is leaving home for the first time in search of gold.  Even though he misses his family, he is eager to learn about searching for gold and he meets a few challenges along the way. Good for kids with adults.

Difficulty level 3/5

The Pioneer Trail

The Pioneer Trail leads players on the route of a couple of early settlers as they make their way to the new land they will make into their homestead.  The couple meets up with several challenges along the way that players will help to solve. This trail is good for teens and adults.

Difficulty level 4/5

The Young Warrior Trail

Learn about this brave First Nations warrior as he spends his first days alone in the woods to prove that he’s now a man. Play games and remember Grandfather’s teachings to help survive on the trail. Designed for kids.

Difficulty level 2/5

The Great Bear Trail

The grandparent watches as their grandchild walks off into the woods for the first time and reminisces about the days they spent together as a youngster.  Solve puzzles and riddles as you discover a First Nation’s way of life in 1800’s.  This trail is designed for adults and older teens.

Difficulty level 5/5

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