Quest Fest – Sept. 9, 2023

A day of interactive games, creative activities, fun exploration and all types of game play for all different ages. The theme of the event is medieval so feel free to dress the part and participate in a costume contest. We will have an all day campfire for relaxing and telling stories or meet up in the Thirsty Cactus for something to eat. Starting at 10am the games will begin and finish up with an interactive campfire story or a midnight game of Dungeons & Dragons.


Price Includes:

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt Game – PRIZE
  • Interactive Campfire Story – The Mystery of Hessie Gray
  • The Quest Treasure Hunt – PRIZE
  • Board Games    Vendors    Demos
  • Costume Contest PRIZE


One FREE GAME of their choice:   

  • Laser Tag
  • Role Playing Game 
  • Escape Room
  • Outdoor Adventure Trail

Tactical Laser Tag

Our state-of-the-art taggers are designed much like playing a video game. Tagger LED screen indicates life level, ammo amount and hit ratio. Taggers recoil when shot for realistic feeling. Players seek respawn locations to gain health and ammo. This isn’t your grandad’s laser tag!

Indoor Escape Rooms

You can choose from five escape rooms. The Wizards & Dragons room is great for those who love that Harry Potter feel. The King & His Fool is for those medieval lovers. How about Trouble’s a Brewin’ where you have to steal back stolen recipes. The Mitten Scandal of Butternut is perfect for families. Apothecary Crisis is based on a true story about our town doctor in the 1800’s.

Outdoor Adventure Games

We have 4 different trails to play outdoors. You are given a map and compass, along with a satchel of supplies. Head out on the trail looking for specific stations. Each station has a challenge to solve. Rush back to stop the clock and lock in your time.

Role Playing Games

Doesn’t matter if you have never played a Role Playing Game before or you are a seasoned Dungeons and Dragons master, we have a game for you. Come explore the lands and times of our Dungeon Masters.